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Beyonce & Jay-Z
The rumor is that both are engaged! Yipee!! More celebrity kids and more celebrity mariges. Their music video "Crazy in love" shows that they just might be attracted to each other. 
Justin & Christina
Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera are too the talk. The "Justified, Stripped Tour" is as they say the tour of the century. That probaly is true. Justin kept telling everyone "Homegirl can sanggggg!" Which is also true Chritina has had a succsessful music carrer because of her strong and yet amazing voice.
Hilary Duff
Young Lizzie McGuire has turned into a HUGE hit on the big screen. "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" is one of the best movies I have ever seen!" Exclaims Britney Jones of San Diego, CA. Hilary Duff went from "Casper Meets Wendy" to "The Lizzie McGuire Movie". Her hit songs of the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack-"Why Not" and "What dreams are made of" have became a hit. In July Hilary's single "So Yesterday" will be out!!! We all hope to see you at the Grammy's HILARY!!!!!!!
Aaron & Hilary
So what's up with Aaron and Hilary. Well everyone's gonna find out sooner or later so here it is! Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter are back togather again! Can they  be the new Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake?
50 Cent and Ja Rule
So you probaly have been hearing the "Big Fight" between 50 and Ja huh? Well we have GOT THE SCOOP!!!!!! Ok here how it all goes down. Ja saw 50 at a bar one night talkin to this guy Ja says robbed his friend (but Ja don't know that 50 knows that the guy he was talkin to robbed Ja's friend so I don't know why he trippen) anywayz Ja claims he felt disrespected.
Murder INC. VS. Shady Records 
Ruben Studdard
Who is the new american idol you ask? Well we have got your answer!!! He is RUBEN STUDDARD!!! Well after Kelly Clarkson's successful achievement on the new hit talent show "American Idol" there has been another goal achieved. Before and after appearing on "American Idol" Ruben had sung his way into many people's hearts. From his adorable smile to (as Paula Abdul says) to the "Velvet Teddy Bear" and to his natural amazing singing voice you can say Ruben has it all.  From the very beginning all of Ruben's home friends and family have been supportive of Ruben's singing carrer behind him 100%. Now shakin` the top of the charts Ruben's single "Flying Without Wings" is at number 2!  Not sure when Ruben's first album is commin` to rock your stero but we will keep you updated. 
Now presenting a new celebrity by the name of Jhene! There is a new star in town. She has the talent, the body and the style of a star. She also has a cousion in the music buisness and he is part of the hip, hop boy group "B2K" and he is Lil' Fizz. Jhene has a bonus cut on B2K's new album "Phandemoiom" with the rap of her cuz Lil' Fizz. Soon she will be rockin' the charts with her own album. Hopefully we see her at all the award shows! Good Luck Jhene!
Nelly & Jackie
Well here is the scoop:
See Nelly's sister Jackie (30yrs) is diagnosed with a type of cancer called "leukemia".  But the only way doctors told her she can hopefully get cured is by a "bone marrow transplant".  Nelly is trying to do all he can to save his sister's life. Please support Jackie by going to the website below and posting your hopes for Jackie and Nelly. Please pray for Jackie we are all with her. Go for it Jackie!!! You can do it!!!

Support Site



Tour Dates
Idol Tour Dates
7/8 ST. Paul, MN
7/9 Chicago, IL
7/11 Columbus, OH
7/12 Indianapolis, IN
7/13 Cininnati, OH
7/15 Pittsburgh, PA
7/17 Cleveland, OH
7/18 Wilkes-Barre, PA
7/19 Buffalo, NY
7/20 Detrtoit, MI
7/22 Toronto, ON
7/23 Montreal,QC
7/25 Worchester, MA
7/27 Philadelpha, PA
7/28 Washington D.C.
7/30 E. Rutherford, NJ
7/31 Uniondale, NY
8/2 Providence, RI
8/4 Albany, NY
8/5 Richmound, VA
8/6 Raleigh , NC
8/8 Charlotte, NC
Justified and Stripped Tour
June 4 Phoenix - America West Arena
June 6 Oakland- Arena in Oakland
June 8 Tacoma- Tacoma Dome
June 10 Portland- Rose Garden
June 11 Vancouver- Pacific Coliseum
June 13 Sacramento- ARCO Arena
June 14 San Jose- HP Pavilion
June 16 Los Angeles - Staples Center
June 17 Los Angeles- Staples Center
June 20 Los Angeles- Staples Center
June 21 Las Vegas- MGM Grand
June 23 Denver- Pepsi Center
June 25 Oklahoma City-  Ford Center
June 26 Dallas- American Airlines Center
June 28 San Antonio- SBC Arena
June 29 Huston - Compaq Center
July 05 St. Louis- Savvis Center
July 06 Little Rock- Alltel Arena
July 08 New Orleans- New Orleans Arena
July 09 Bossier City- Century Tel Arena
July 11 Memphis-The Pyramid
July 12 Atlanta- Philips Arena
July 14 Tampa- St. Pete Times Fourm
July 15 Orlando- TD Waterhouse Centre
July 16 FT. Lauderdale- Home Depot Center
July 22 Chicago- Allstate Arena
July 23 Chicago- United Center
July 25 Auburn Hills- Palace at Auburn Hills
July 26 Cincinnati- US Bank Arena
July 28 Pittsburg- Mellon Arena
July 29 Toronto- Air Canada Centre
July 31 Toronto- Air Canada Centre

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